Javia.com Website Review & Ratings + Javia Coupons
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Javia.com Website Review & Ratings + Javia Coupons

Javia was founded in the year 2010 and is a ARAMARK's refreshment offering designed specifically for small business customers. It offers a broad range of products that includes high quality coffee and teas, brewers and breakroom supplies for all the refreshment needs of the customers. The aim of javia.com is to ensure that the employees and guests of the customers always have a great refreshment experience. They carry some premium brands of the coffee on the market such as Green Mountain, Alterra (Flavia), Starbucks, Caribou Coffee. Apart from that the company also provides each and every thing required for the breakroom purpose.

There is a wide range of brewers from which the customers can make their choice such as Keurig, Flavia, Bunn and Curtis. The company looks for the customer convenience in terms of overnight delivery, easy to use and interactive website for the purpose of ordering and account management and no contract.

Various types of offerings of javia.com are as follows:-

Javia : What makes it different?

Some of the unique features of Javia which distinguishes it from its competitors are as follows:-

  • Javia VIP: This is a feature of javia.com in which the users just have to set the frequency of the products they wish to have periodically and then the products will be automatically shipped without making the customer to worry about anything. And customers can also enjoy exclusive savings on the products listed in VIP order category.
  • Water Filtration Systems: The Company provides refreshing and quality water as the health of the employees is the major concern for the employers. It keeps the employees satisfied, motivated and productive throughout the day. It just works with the existing water supply system without having a need of heavy jugs to lift and store.
  • Mid to Large Size Office Solutions: It welcomes the customers to participate in a discussion about ARAMARK Refreshment Services and to answer the users questions about enhancing productivity and employee engagement at the workplace along with the complete breaktime experience.
  • Live Chat: It provides a live chat facility so that the customers can learn more about the quality and the range of products offered by them in a transparent mode.
Javia vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Javia )

Some of the leading competitors of javia.com in the field of refreshments supplies are as follows:-

  • us.myflavia.com: The Company has 25 years of innovation and commitment to bring the finest hot beverages at both the home and the workplace. The drinks offered by them are ready to use and are available in few seconds, hassle free, hygienic and reliable. The company has a product choice as per each person's taste and demand including a wide variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolates and also with an option to create your own personalized drinks. Exclusive offers are also provided on the large quantity of purchase.
  • perksco.com: Perks & Provisions was originally founded in the year 1995 in order to provide high quality fresh ground coffee and coffee equipments to their corporate clients. Since 1995, the company has expanded their offerings of goods and services to encompass each and every need in the breakroom. Their vision is to become the industry leading Corporate Breakroom Management Company. They consider themselves to be grateful in serving their community through SIP that is their Socially Involved Program.
Javia : Pricing & packages

The prices summary of the various products offered by javia.com is as follows:-

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa:

  • Coffee: Starbucks Caffé Verona, 2.5 oz Portion Packs-$ 44.95, Maxwell House Special Delivery, 1.2 oz Portion Packs-$ 36.95, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, 2.5 oz Portion Packs-$ 44.95.
  • Tea: Bigelow Premium Blend Tea-$ 8.95, Bigelow Cranberry Apple Tea-$ 5.95, Crystal Light On-The-Go Raspberry Green Tea-$ 12.95, Bigelow Love Lemon Herbal Tea-$ 5.95.
  • Cocoa: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate-$ 11.95, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate w/Marshmallows-$ 11.95.

Cream, Sugar and more products:

  • Creamers: CoffeeMate Lite 11 oz Canister-$ 2.95, CoffeeMate Cinnamon Vanilla, 50 Count-$ 6.95, International Delight Real Dairy Half & Half, 180 Count-$ 17.95, CoffeeMate 15 oz Canister Hazelnut-$ 3.95.
  • Sweeteners: Diamond Crystal Sugar Packets-$ 1.95, Sweet & Low Packets, 400 Count-$ 7.95, Splenda Sweetener Packets, 100 Count-$ 6.95.
  • Cups & Lids: Solo 12 oz Symphony Paper Hot Cup-$ 5.95, Solo 10 oz Black Plastic Dome Lid-$ 6.95, Solo 10 oz Symphony Paper Hot Cup-$ 4.95.
  • Stirrers & Straws: 7" Wooden Stirrers-$ 5.95, 5.5" Red Stripe Plastic Stirrers-$ 2.95.

Breakroom Supplies:

  • Plates & Utensils: Reliance White Spoon-$ 4.95, Tork Universal Perforated Roll Towel-$ 1.95, Tork Premium Facial Tissue Cube Box-$ 0.95, Solo 9' Symphony Paper Plate-$ 17.95.
  • Breakroom Accessories: FLAVIA Packet Carousel-$ 29.95, Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot-$ 45.95, Curtis Thermal Server-$ 39.95.
  • Cleaning Supplies: 13" Sponge Brush-$ 2.95, 9.5" Sponge Brush-$ 2.95.

Snacks & Food:

  • Breakfast: Nutri-Grain Blueberry Cereal Bar-$ 9.95, Quaker Oats Oatmeal Express Baked Apple-$ 1.95.
  • Cookies: Snackwell Créme Sandwich Cookies-$ 9.95, Oreo Sandwich Cookies-$ 45.95.
  • Chips & Pretzels: ACT II Butter Popcorn-$ 24.95, Snyder's of Hanover Snap Pretzels-$ 39.95.


  • Brewers: FLAVIA CREATION 200-$ 549.95, Keurig B145 Office Pro-$ 129.95.
  • Brewer Accessories: Spinning Condiment Rack-$ 59.95, FLAVIA 12 Drawer Merchandiser-$ 199.95.
Javia : Product images & screenshots
Javia Coupons
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Javia : Customer reviews & comments

"This is the best hot chocolate that I have ever tasted. My staff and I make sure we hide a few in our drawers so we don't ever run out. I can't wait to drink it when it starts getting cold...yummy"

"This smells amazing when it is brewing, so you know everyone in the office will love it. The taste is fantastic; it’s hard to believe it’s from a K-cup. It’s a great alternative to coffee, or treat"

"I am not a water drinker and need to stay away from Pop. I do like Iced Tea and this one is great. Just need some ice and shazam!"

"It is a high quality, non-dairy liquid creamer in portion-control cups. It requires no refrigeration and has the longest fill weight retention"

"Just add hot water - everything else already there! Easy, convenient and delicious, as I often "forget" to grab breakfast on the way out in the morning."

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